Value of Training

Training helps you in various ways, from creating an enthusiastic work environment to increasing customer satisfaction. Many of these outcomes are tied together, so when you achieve one, oftentimes the others fall into place.

Why Unlimited Coaching Solutions?

  • Organizations see the results of our training almost instantly.
  • Participants become more engaged and accountable at work.
  • Our approach is experiential and interactive—not authoritarian.
  • Learning is hands-on, so participants practice and then apply what is learned.
  • Skills learned are transferable. They can be used in any industry, both professionally and personally.
  • Our needs assessment process is efficient and effective.
  • Our standardized class size (up to 12–20 participants per class) ensures better learning and retention.
  • Our instructors are energetic, experienced, educated, and personable. We connect and relate to participants.
  • Our programs are comprehensive and cohesive. Employees are trained with a common theme and language, promoting better communication and camaraderie.
  • Our scheduling is flexible. We use short sessions over time to increase retention.
  • Our programs are flexible. We use a proven curriculum, and customize it to fit your specific culture.
  • Our comprehensive post-training follow-up and support reinforces learning.
  • We have experience in a wide range of industries.
  • We assist in identifying funding sources to cover the cost of training.

How does training impact your bottom line?

"We got enough out of the first day to pay for the entire program."

-- Ken Bonn, Sr. Partner, Bonn, Shortsleeve & Ray